Sentence example: The protestors are threatening chaos if their preferred choice for the President is rejected.

  • Synonyms of Chaos
    • Usual vocabulary: chaos, uproar, confusion, unrest, riot, lawlessness, disorder, commotion
    • Better vocabulary:
      • Turmoil: a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty
        • Link to tur-, i.e. disturbance ⇒ turbulence, turbine, turbid
        • Link to -moil, i.e. move around in confusion or agitation
      • Bedlam: a scene of uproar and confusion
        • Link to the asylum (mental hospital) called Bethlem. It became a tourist attraction when the it was open to public to witness the bizarre behaviour of the mentally unstable patients.
      • Mayhem: violent or extreme disorder; chaos
        • Rhymes with bedlam

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