Sentence example: Founded in 1247, Bethlem is Europe’s oldest centre devoted solely to the treatment of mental illness. During this time, it was common for monks and other religious figures to take in the poor, who were often mentally ill.

  • Synonyms of Poor
    • Usual vocabulary: poor, needy, penniless
    • Better vocabulary:
      • Indigent: poor; needy
        • Link to indigenous people who are indigent ⇒ native people who are poor
      • Destitute: extremely poor and lacking the means to provide for oneself
        • Link to de-, i.e. away from ⇒ deserted
        • Link to -stitute, i.e. a place ⇒ institution
        • Put together ⇒ far away from a place to live in due to poverty
      • Impecunious: having little or no money
        • Link to im-, i.e. no ⇒ impossible
        • Link to -pecuni, i.e. money ⇒ pecuniary, peculate

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