Material suitability: Age 10 and above

This article shares some useful suggestions on how to write an interesting essay packed with vivid descriptions about An Adventure.

Story Planning 

  • Weather
    • Freezing, Snowing, Chilly, Wintry
    • Raining, Inclement, Drizzling, Downpour, Shower, Stormy, Deluge
    • Sunny, Scorching, Sweltering, Stifling, Suffocating, Searing
    • Humid, Steamy, Sultry, Stuffy, Muggy, Clammy
    • Foggy, Misty, Hazy, Smoky
  • Characters
    • Physical Attributes
      • Stocky, Hefty, Burly, Brawny, Muscular
      • Portly, Stout, Plump, Fat, Overweight, Chubby, Obese, Meaty, Fleshy
      • Petite, Dainty, Tiny, Elfin, Small-boned
      • Lanky, Slender, Slim, Lean, Scrawny, Skeletal, Scraggy, Emaciated, Bony, Gaunt, Rangy, Skin-and-bones
    • Personalities
      • Vivacious, Lively, Bubbly, High-Spirited, Animated, Energetic, Zestful, Cheery, Cheerful, Full of vim and vigour, Sunny
      • Dull, Boring, Lifeless, Soulless, Passionless, Spiritless, Unspirited, Insipid,


      • Angry, Irascible, Quick-tempered, Short-tempered, Bad-tempered, Ill-tempered, Hot-tempered, Snappy, Tetchy, Testy, Touchy, Edgy, Crabby
      • Relaxed, Even-tempered, Placid, Mellow, Happy-go-lucky, Blithe, Carefree, Good-natured

  • Setting
    • Man-made
      • Zoos, Gardens, Parks, Farms, Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Libraries, Schools, Offices, Factories, Homes, Ships, Aeroplanes, Cars
    • Natural
      • Forests, Mountains, Hills, Jungles, Rivers, Oceans, Seas, Meadows, Islands

Writing the Story

  • Story Introduction
    • Introduce the weather, characters & setting
  • Build-up to Climax
    • Internal Problems
      • Conflicts between different characters
      • Internal emotional struggle within a character
    • External problems
      • Natural disasters
      • Sudden weather changes
      • Technological disruption
      • Power outage
  • Story Climax
    • Violence
      • Killed in an explosion
      • Severely injured/maimed/wounded/mutilated
    • Humour/Disgust
      • Defecated in the pants
      • Lost a tooth
      • Hair wig flew away
    • Romance
      • They fell deeply in love
      • She betrayed him
    • Touching/Stirring
      • He took the bullet for her
      • She begged for his forgiveness
  • Resolution
    • Moral
      • Turn over a new leaf; Change for the better
      • Promise to become a more compassionate/caring/merciful/tolerant/considerate/thoughtful person
    • Physical
      • Kickstart a healthy lifestyle
    • Mental
      • Vow to become stronger/tougher/more resilient/more adaptable/more flexible
      • Realise the importance of education and decide to commit more time and effort to learning
    • Spiritual
      • Serve God
      • Show gratitude to God

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