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General Learning Strategies

  1. Develop Your Basic Essay Writing Skills
  2. Weapon X to an A for English: Holiday Studying
  3. Ways to increase my child’s reading speed
  4. Knowing the PURPOSE of a text


  1. Different ways to say ‘Walk’
  2. Different ways to say ‘Poor’
  3. Commonly Confused Words
  4. Model Essay Tips: An Adventure


  1. Ambiguous Cambridge questions 
  2. Controversial Cambridge Questions
  3. Some of the most important lessons in life are learnt outside of the school curriculum. Write about a few of these lessons you have learnt and explain how they are beneficial to your life.
  4. Proposal Writing: Recommend a Bangkok trip during the December Holidays

Junior College

  1. Ambiguous Cambridge questions 
  2. Controversial Cambridge Questions
  3. Is science a threat to society?
  4. A-Level Essay Question: Technology is key to solving major issues facing mankind today. Do you agree?
  5. ‘Science will always have noble intentions.’ Discuss.
  6. In your view, which three specific areas of scientific research should be mankind’s priorities in the next decade and why?
  7. Is democracy, as is so often assumed, often the best?
  8. A-Level Essay Question: Is there a more urgent need for religion in today’s world?
  9. Is the library redundant in today’s world?
  10. ‘There are certain things that the media have a responsibility not to report.’ Discuss.
  11. A-Level Essay Question: ‘The key criterion for good government is how well the economy is managed.’ Is this a fair assessment?